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01. Why Should You Hire Help?

There are DIY kits available online, but it’s not a good idea to try to tackle this on your own. First, it’s an incredibly messy job. Second, our chimney services will often include an inspection. You may not know what to look for to make sure the chimney is in good shape and able to be used, but we will.

02. When to Have an Inspection Done

Chimney problems can lead to the smoke going inside the home instead of out or can start a fire. A chimney sweeper can do an inspection to make sure the chimney is clean, and everything is functioning properly. This should be done before the chimney is used at the beginning of winter. It’s often a good idea to call early in the season.

03. When to Have Chimneys Cleaned

Like inspections, a chimney cleaning should be done at the beginning of every winter. If you don’t plan on using the chimney, you can wait to have it cleaned. A full service chimney sweep will give you a completely clean chimney that is ready to be used. At the same time, the chimney can be inspected, so you know it’s ready to use no matter how frequently you’ll want to use the fireplace this winter. Cleanings should be done more frequently if the fireplace is used frequently, as creosote does build up fast.

04. Problems Chimneys Can Have

Chimneys can suffer from a variety of different issues, and the cost for chimney cleaning and repair can depend on what’s wrong. Creosote builds up quickly and can cause an obstruction. Birds’ nests, trapped animals, and items that get into the chimney can cause obstructions as well. The chimney can also have cracks or splitting in the brickwork, the flue, or the chimney crown and cap on the roof of your home. Cracks and related issues can allow moisture into the chimney or lead to a fire.



05. The Cost for Chimney Sweeping

One question most homeowners with a fireplace have is how much does this? The cleaning service cost can vary depending on what is needed and what else needs to be done once the chimney is cleaned. A full-service cleaning will be more expensive but is the best option at the beginning of winter to make sure the chimney is ready to use. If repairs are needed, the cost will increase, but it is well worth it to reduce the potential for a fire or other major issues inside the home.

06. Why Call Us for Help?

Our technicians are experienced and can provide the cleaning services you require as well as handle the inspection to keep you and your family safe. We use state-of-the-art tools as well as the latest technology every time we work on a chimney and always strive to offer the best service possible. We are highly knowledgeable of local codes and ready to work on a variety of different fireplaces or chimneys, as well as handle other services like dryer vent cleaning as needed.


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